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6 Steps for a successful case

In order to kick-start your profits, you’ll have to do a few simple things.

Easy registration and connection to 2000+ bloggers

Free registration to BuzzGuru service. You are free to explore our database of one and a half million bloggers from around the world immediately after authorization. You can browse their comprehensive statistics, select channels you like with the help of filters, view prices and see advertisement formats available on YouTube to you and the blogger you work with.

Create public or private offers

You can create public proposals to advertise your brand or merchandise that can be accepted by any user on the platform.

In addition to public proposals, you can keep track of the response to your offer, barter with creators, and confirm or deny cooperation on a cas-to-case basis.

You may also make use of the private offer functionality, in which you can invite only those bloggers that you want to work with.

15% after a successfully completed agreement

We only make money after the deal between you and the blogger is successfully completed.

You may transfer money to your personal account with the help of standard methods: PayPal, Yandex Money, QIWI, ePayments etc.; cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum; as well as more traditional methods — bank transfer with your account number in the currency most convenient for you.

Our advantages

Place your advertisements on a blogger’s channel and reap the rewards.

Promote your brand on YouTube

Register to BuzzGuru, fill out the details of a public offer, and it will immediately be available to our bloggers.

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